Celebrate Half-Term Achievements!


Celebrate half-term achievements with personalised rewards


With autumn in full swing, October half term is just around the corner. This half-term is the first in the academic year, and, for some pupils, their first-ever, making it particularly significant. At this special time of year, many schools put on awards ceremonies to celebrate pupils’ achievements made in the first half of the school term. At Brainwaves, we understand it’s important to enable pupils to feel accomplished with tangible rewards, as this creates a positive and happy school climate, and actively improves a school’s profile. Read our guide on the best rewards to use in your school’s half term awards ceremony. 


An age-old reward


School certificates are the all-time, most popular and traditional classroom reward. We can all remember receiving a certificate as a child and some of us might still have them. During the rewards ceremony, various pupils will be rewarded for different achievements. We have lots of fun certificates designed for a range of accomplishments, including 100% attendance, good behaviour, and those for specific subjects, as well as special teacher’s awards.


Personalised certificates are a great way to help a child to feel special both at school and when they take it home. You can add the school name too, so these certificates will carry sentimental value for years to come.



A symbol of success


A medal has always been a symbol of success, whether at the end of a sports day race or simply as a sign of doing well in class. A pupil being able to visibly wear their reward will not only make them feel extra proud of their accomplishment but will inspire them to carry on the good work. It’ll also motivate other pupils to strive for a similar goal so they can earn themselves a medal.


We have a wonderful selection of fun and colourful medals, celebrating sports performance, anti-bullying, 100% attendance or for simply taking part, as well as personalised medals for an extra special touch.


Like medals, trophies have long been a sign of a job well done. Being rewarded such palpable rewards in a whole school awards ceremony can really help towards a pupil’s motivation to do well in class moving forward, not to mention benefitting their self-esteem. We have an extensive range of trophies that truly make for the prestigious award that pupils deserve after the first half term of the new school year. With a trophy you can reward any from 100% attendance, to just generally ‘being a star’, with the added benefit of personalisation.  


Personalised Trophies

A fun reminder


There’s nothing better than a gift that not only means something but is also very useful. Pupils will be thrilled to receive a special gift pack as a reward in this half-term ceremony. With each gift pack containing exciting goodies, such as pencils, rulers, bookmarks and more, you couldn’t pick a more useful and rewarding gift.


Your pupils can enjoy every style of gift pack, from those with whimsical characters on, to Growth Mindset. This is the perfect way to celebrate a pupil’s achievements, as well as setting them up with stationery for the next half of the school term. After all, when a child is able to use their reward every day, this acts as a subtle reminder to keep up the good work, creating a positive learning environment.


However you plan to celebrate the half-term with rewards, we’d love to hear about it! Don’t forget we’re here to help, so feel free to get in touch.