Celebrate World Space Week in the classroom

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The stars have aligned for World Space Week, an international celebration of science and technology. This week, 4th -10th of October, marks two monumental moments in history; the launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, and the signing of the Outer Space Treaty.

Therefore, this week, we’re thinking planets, milky ways and galaxies, and what better way to celebrate than with our space rewards! Integral to science, learning about what goes on beyond planet Earth is an important part of every child's educational journey. 


Stars are aligned

While learning the mysteries and wonders of space is exciting, it’s important to praise your pupils’ efforts with space-themed rewards (of course!). At Brainwaves, we’re proud to stock a wonderful space reward pack, including an A3 sticker wall chart, A5 certificate, 70 star stickers and 35 reward stickers. This rewards pack is sure to see you through a very memorable World Space Week - who can align their stars first? 
In a Galaxy...
While teaching your pupils about the stars and magical galaxy they sit within, why not encourage them to collect their very own stars using the space sticker album. This is a great way to inspire your students to collect as many as they can, in order to create their own galaxies. This is not only educational for children, but, for teachers, this likely means enthusiastic, captivated pupils! 
Space robots rule

At Brainwaves, we know the importance of personalisation, that’s why we offer a wide selection of personalised rewards. This week, our space robot personalised rulers will make the perfect reward for your pupils, with a dedicated space for your school name to make these rulers extra special. 
To infinity and beyond...the classroom

We’re also pleased to offer space-themed personalised postcards. This is a wonderful way to encourage your pupils to take World Space Week out of the classroom and back to their parents, so the celebration can continue at home.

We’d love to know how you’re celebrating World Space Day in your classroom, let us know in the comments or on social.