Education is about people – not Tech


Nothing can beat a hand-delivered reward – even in this digital age!


Life has taken on a digital existence. We can shop online, play online and make friends online. Yet, more and more people are experiencing digital fatigue and consumers are becoming wary of apps and online tools sharing people’s data.


Concerns currently raised in the news tell us that the same is the case in the world of education. Apps available on the market designed to assign students with rewards and share information about activities in the school are receiving negative press and are under scrutiny with regard to data security.


We, the team at Brainwaves Rewards, believe that while these discussions are important, it is key that those working in education do not forget that all we do is not about systems, speed of communication nor technological know-how.


Education is about people.

Young people want to be taken seriously, need encouragement and want to know that they matter. It is here that tangible rewards such as stickers, pencils, reward charts and certificates can contribute significantly.


What might seem a small thing, such as a sticker for example, is of a much larger significance than meets the eye. Rewards and words of praise are key to students’ confidence and growth. Essential, however, is the personal, face-to-face experience.


When students realise that someone took the time and made the effort to think of them, their self-worth is boosted. The smile on the teacher’s face and the outreached arm signal trust and encouragement – essential ingredients in a child’s development.


Not only that, students take rewards home, share them with their family and keep them for the future. This creates a knock-on effect and can often see children progress more easily as they realise goals they are working towards and understand that their academic progress or improved behaviour will bear fruit.


In this digital age, let’s not forget to make use of every opportunity to be real, talk to real people and to encourage our young people face-to-face and in tangible ways.


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