Fun classroom resources for a creative Christmas


Christmas is well and truly on its way, with only a few weeks until the big event and Santa’s arrival. December in the classroom is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for both pupils and teachers, as it’s often used as a time to wind down after a busy year and have fun. We’ve put together a guide on how you can celebrate the season in the classroom with fun Christmas gifts and resources, perfect for the run-up to the festive holidays. 

As Christmas nears, and pupils get more excited, it can sometimes be more difficult to get them to retain their focus on usual learning tasks. However, you can still introduce activities into the classroom that are not only light-hearted but your pupils will still learn. A wonderful gift for each of your pupils to welcome in the festive season is our Christmas sticker activity book, filled with four pages of stickers, and 32 pages of puzzles activities and pictures. This is a great task for pupils to do with their friends, that’s enjoyable and also keeps their brains working.



The Christmas season is also a great opportunity to get pupils practising their writing and drawing skills with creative activities. For example, you can encourage your pupils to write about what they’ll be doing over the Christmas holidays, or perhaps create a Christmas story. It’s also a great idea for your pupils to produce drawings as Christmas presents to take home for their families. 

We have a wonderfully festive selection of Christmas pencils and Christmas display mounts, perfect for your pupils’ work to be displayed as a unique Christmas present for parents or friends. Christmas pencils are also an ideal gift for pupils from teachers. Our ‘Happy Christmas from your teacher’ pencils are a special gift that will keep pupils inspired to pick up their pencil and also act as a little reminder to listen to the teacher




Though December is certainly an exciting month, your usual learning activities still need to happen, whether it’s maths, science or English. Our wide range of Christmas stickers will act as an effective way to reward good work and behaviour, keeping your pupils engaged while still giving a nod to the festive season.




Classroom Christmas Spirit 

Christmas cards are a lovely gesture that means a lot at this time of year. At school, they are a good way to show pupils that they’re part of a community, and they’re appreciated. We’re proud to offer a range of bright and cheerful personalised Christmas cards, that allows you to include your school, or teacher’s name, making this gesture that extra bit more personal. Pupils can place them proudly on their school desks and then take them home at the end of the term for the celebration of Christmas



As a gift for your pupils, our special Christmas gift packs are a special addition to your classroom’s Christmas. Why not host a mini Christmas party for your class, where pupils can make festive things and play games. This would also be the perfect time to gift each individual pupil a gift pack. This gift pack includes a pencil, bookmark, sticker activity book and a pin badge; everything that’s needed for a jolly and productive time in the classroom over the festive period.  


How ever you choose to celebrate Christmas in the classroom, we’re pleased to offer plenty of festive rewards! We’d love to help you along the way, so please feel free to get in touch.