Growth Mindset - Transforming The Way We Teach


Growth Mindset is the new buzz word on everyone's lips, but what is Growth Mindset? Where does it originate from and is it set to stay?

Psychologist Carol Dweck radically challenges traditional methods of education in her book: ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ She introduces a new method of learning, labelling it: ‘Growth Mindset’. With more than 30 years’ of evidence, Dweck discovered that changing the way children perceive their own abilities, can drastically improve children’s educational performance.

Pupils can learn to approach challenges positively
It’s transforming the way we think about education appears to be a breath of fresh air for teachers who have long struggled to see non-traditionally academic children perform and do well in the class room. It simply takes the pressure off both the child and the teacher.

Dweck argues that children shouldn’t be praised for talent or intelligence, but on their approach to learning. By recognising and rewarding the perseverance, of pupils; and the strategies and approaches they have taken, educators can instil a belief that our brains can ‘grow’. This approach to learning could also support children’s skills outside the classroom and improve general discipline and motivation to try new skills and become more confident.
Rather than becoming frustrated or disillusioned by failure and mistakes, pupils can learn to approach challenges positively. Over time, these challenges can be overcome, developing intelligence and a more positive approach to problem solving and education as a whole. It is a game changer.

Currently there is no nationally approved approach, which means teachers are still on their own, with exactly how to implement Growth Mindset. However, if a recent study by the Education Endowment Foundation is anything to go on, (where some very interesting findings on the benefits of growth mindset were outlined), Growth Mindset could very likely be here to stay and soon a daily part of the teaching routine.

Brainwaves Rewards has collaborated with teachers who are currently implementing Growth Mindset in the classroom. Brainwaves has developed a new range of Growth Mindset rewards to support teachers in the classroom.