How to get pupils excited about reading


For children who love to read, picking up a book is instinctive; but, what’s the best way to encourage those who aren’t so willing?

With its benefits to memory, well-being and learning, reading couldn't be more important in the classroom. Which is why, here at Brainwaves, we have created a wide range of rewards to help get pupils excited about becoming bookworms!  
Let’s get motivated

When a pupil is motivated to read, they will actively seek out books and materials that will stimulate their imagination and knowledge. Motivation is key, though, sometimes pupils need a little inspiration to spark that interest.

A colourful bookmark is a great tool to get pupils eager to open a book and explore the content within, especially with bright and playful star reader bookmarks at hand.
Another way to boost enthusiasm is to display a reward wall chart to help inspire pupils to read a number of books. At Brainwaves, we offer a range of charts and albums so they can keep track of titles and how many are complete. What’s more, you can decorate them with our colourful range of stickers and stampers!
‘Look at what I achieved’

Praise for effort and hard work helps drive pupils to persevere with their reading, as well as step up their level of ability. By recognising willingness and dedication, children gain a huge sense of accomplishment. What better way to spur them on to read more?

A visible reward will fill your pupil with pride, especially as they can show their achievements off to their friends and family. At Brainwaves, we have a huge selection of reading certificates and rewards which are sure to delight any child. 
Our playful badges are also a brilliant aid to boost confidence. It would be hard for any pupil to resist striving for an eye-catching badge with ‘great reading’ taking centre stage.
Celebrate and enjoy

Remember, keep it fun!

One way which will definitely keep pupils engaged is to make reading as enjoyable as possible. so let’s remember to make reading fun. By allowing the pupils to actively be involved in their own learning through the use of our interactive products, pupils will most definitely be eager to embark on their reading journey.