How to get your pupils motivated after the festive season


The New Year is well and truly here and pupils are going back to school after the Christmas holidays. But after the exciting break is over and we enter a new year, how can you help your pupils get motivated to start learning again and most importantly, keep up the good work? At Brainwaves, we have a range of rewards that can help.


A personal welcome back 

With every new year comes an opportunity to reset and start afresh, as well as giving motivation to hit personal targets or start something new. A lovely way to welcome back your pupils after the festivities is with a new year gift to get them excited about getting stuck in and achieving.

At Brainwaves, we offer personalised pencils that allow you to customise each pencil with the child’s name in gold lettering. Children respond very well to something tailored to them, so going that little bit further is sure to make a positive and noticeable impact on a pupil’s experience and behaviour.


Ease in gently

Though pupils should come back from their break feeling refreshed, it’s still important to ease them into the next stage of school gently. A great way to do this is with some fun activities to help get them into the rhythm of things. Why not set your pupils the task of writing about their Christmas holidays or what they’re excited about this new year?

We stock some wonderful writing rewards, including stickers and stamps, perfect for praising impressive writing skills. To make this task even more fun, use a reading display mount to allow your pupils’ work to be enhanced in a colour display, which is also a great way to brighten up the classroom! 

Set goals 

New Year’s resolutions will be being made far and wide by now, so why not apply this to the classroom? A wonderful way to motivate your pupils is to set short-term goals that can be easily achieved and set regularly to keep the class engaged. Each time a goal has been reached, a reward will bring pride and achievement to each pupil.

We’re pleased to stock eye-catching foil rewards, including certificates and stickers that are ideal for marking achieved goals and are guaranteed to bring joy to any classroom. After all, there’s no reason why glitter and sparkle has to end after Christmas! 


We’d love to hear how you plan to keep your pupils motivated in the new year and don’t forget we’re to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.