How to motivate pupils to push beyond their comfort zones


While some pupils have the confidence to jump in feet first, others prefer to watch from the sidelines. New activities or experiences within the classroom can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable, which naturally comes from fear of failure. Pushing individuals outside of their personal comfort zones helps growth and learning, which is very important for young minds. Here are some techniques to motivate pupils in the classroom.


A big part of motivating pupils in the classroom is about offering encouragement. We understand how much receiving praise can help children to recognise positive behaviour. Praise works best when shown verbally combined with an appreciable reward that can be taken home to parents. At Brainwaves, we offer everything from reward certificates and wristbands to stickers and badges, that’ll reward your pupils for pushing through their comfort zones.

Growth Mindset

When pupils are taught to think with a growth mindset, they learn that no matter your capability, it can be developed through hard work and dedication. Most importantly, it's imperative to know that failure is most certainly not the end. 
This growth mindset creates not only a love of learning, but a resilience that is fundamental for stepping out of that comfort zone. We think it's super important to reward those taking this in their stride, which is why we created the growth mindset range, including stickers, certificates and badges, as well as a selection of personalised rewards.

Rewarding your pupils, when they have done something brave and well out of their comfort zone, will have a positive lasting impact on them. As well as this, rewarding good behaviour in the classroom will inspire your pupils to continue in this manner and encourage them to get involved in more tasks. At Brainwaves, we stock an exciting range of bravery rewards and good behaviour rewards that will help your pupil feel proud and accomplished.

Task management

A great way to encourage your pupils to ease out of their comfort zone is by breaking down the task into manageable pieces. This can be achieved by using a reward system, such as a stamper card, allowing pupils to see their progress as the card collects stamps. This not only gives children a target to reach each time, but injects fun into the learning process, meaning you’ll have your pupils smashing through their comfort zones in no time!
However you decide to help your pupils break through their comfort zones, letting a child know how well they have done is really important in their path to learning something new. That’s why, at Brainwaves, we’re here to help you make your pupils’ learning experience as fun and as helpful as possible with our range of rewards.