Make 2018 your year of praise!

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Maybe you have made a new year’s resolution or maybe you think nothing of them. Either way, the start of a new year is a great time to inject your classroom with fresh, new ideas and encouragement for all pupils. Yes, behaviour can be difficult to deal with after a break, yet, research shows that a positive classroom and time for encouragement make all the difference in both motivating students to deliver their best academic performance and hitting the mark when it comes to behaviour.


Excellent teachers know how to set boundaries, map out goals and celebrate students’ success.


We all know that dealing with behaviour issues, either in class or at home, is not a short-term exercise. Teachers have a unique role to play as they walk with pupils and help them be the best they can be. Their input will help shape students’ character, resilience and ability to manage life at school and beyond.


So, how do you encourage students along the way?
Excellent teachers know how to set boundaries, map out goals and celebrate students’ success. There are many ways to celebrate and reward performance, attitude and behaviour. The best rewards will always include:


Make sure the child’s name and the teacher or school’s name is included!


Visual Presentation
Track progress via a chart and present a physical reward on achieving the set goal!


Beautiful Design
Choose rewards that are eye-catching, of quality and beautiful to look at! Students know if you are making the effort, too ☺


Sharing Success
Let others know how well a person has done; not just for their sake, but to encourage others to emulate them!


Classroom Rewards for 2018

Brainwaves offers a vast variety of rewards for students of all ages. Our experience in the rewards sector has helped us develop some of the most wanted reward designs in the UK, loved by pupils and teachers alike. Over the 30 years we have been supplying schools, we have had the privilege of hearing from teachers and parents how much their praise and our rewards has meant to students and what a difference a positive approach to education makes!


We want to encourage you to make this year your year of praise!


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