Reward your swimming pupils with awards


Reward your swimming pupils with awards


Swimming has long been one of the most popular extra-curricular activities for children to take part in, and still is today. There are many benefits and lessons to be learnt by pupils from swimming lessons, including the importance of exercise, increased health and social interaction, which is why it’s important to encourage and reward achievements in the pool with swimming rewards. We’re discussing the advantages of swimming, how you can build your pupils' confidence while having fun, and how you can celebrate achievements with rewards.


Splashing fun


For many children, simply splashing around in the pool is a lot of fun! Learning a new skill that is so attached to fun and enjoyment is an effective way for your pupils to naturally pick up a new technique.


Beginners may find learning to swim quite daunting, to start with. So why not introduce games into the pool as an effective way to teach without making it feel too overwhelming. If a pupil needs to build confidence in the water, a clever tactic is to blow bubbles as a game in order to help make the pupil feel more comfortable with their breath. A fun and effective way to develop a strong arm technique is to play a game of ‘catch the fish’ using a front-crawl motion but be sure to reward this with a fish sticker. These types of engaging activities will make your pupils fall in love with swimming in no time.


A great way to encourage your pupils to give swimming a go, to carry on, or to reward a new achievement is with our swimming stickers. Pupils can collect these to measure their progress, and, once out the water, can wear them proudly.


Swimming Stickers

Lengths of confidence


Swimming is not only great for health but it’s a fabulous activity for all children of any age and ability to take part in. Learning to swim provides opportunities to make friends and grow confidence, both physically and socially. With swimming comes challenges and accomplishments, that’s why we offer a wonderful selection of swimming certificates and swimming stickers to help reward achievements.



 For the ultimate achievements, we offer awards for pupils that have swum a longer distance than before. We have certificates to celebrate 10m lengths all the way up to an impressive 100m length with brightly coloured dolphin, penguin and frogs designs. This kind of activity and rewards show pupils what they can achieve with dedication and regular practice, which is a life-long lesson both in and out of the pool. 


A healthy habit


Swimming is not just enjoyable, it can provide an array of wonderful health benefits for every child in the class. Swimming keeps the heart and lungs healthy, increases strength and stamina and even improves balance. 


There’s more than just learning that happens at school but also activities that benefit a child’s health. Whether you’re trying to encourage your pupils to be healthy through swimming, eating healthily or walking to school, it can be made fun. Health rewards are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle both in and out of school.


We’d love to hear how you plan to reward your pupils in swimming lessons. Don’t forget we’re to help, so feel free to get in touch.