Ten Fun and Creative Fundraising Activities for Primary Schools


Primary schools often take on the task of fundraising for a good cause. There's International Children's Day and World Hunger Day coming up soon to name just a couple, fundraising for these days offers a great opportunity to involve parents as well as educate your students on the issues and good causes that affect the world. There are some suggestions below, but schools are sure to think of some original ideas of their own too.


Bake Sale

For the ever-popular bake sale, parents can be asked to provide some tasty home-baked goods, and children will usually enjoy helping out too. Profits from the sale can go towards a worthy cause.


Sponsored Walk

There are lots of different sponsored activities which can raise a substantial amount. Something as simple as a walk will generally mean that even the smallest of children can participate. Parents can be employed to secure sponsors and collect the money.



Fundraising badges can be sold among the school community for a profit and at the same time help to raise awareness of your chosen charity.


Non-Uniform or Fancy-Dress Day

Children pay a small amount to come to school wearing their own clothes or even dressing up, which could be any theme of the school's choosing.


Most inkjet cartridges can be recycled these days, and lots of companies will purchase these from the school. In this way, schools can make some money back on something they use every day, and this money can be passed on to the nominated charity.


Fundraising Auctions

Local businesses are often willing to provide goods to be auctioned, and parents can often offer their services to the highest bidder. These services can include anything from decorating to gardening to hairdressing. If parents run their own business, this can often work to their advantage too as a way of reaching out to potential new customers.



A raffle is also a great way to take advantage of any prizes donated by local companies. Parents can be asked to help sell tickets amongst their friends and colleagues in return for the hope of winning a prize.


Fundraising Car Wash

Slightly older primary children can get involved in a charity car wash. Parents will often be willing to part with a few pounds in exchange for a sparkling clean car.


Craft Competition

Children can be asked to contribute a token fee in exchange for entry into a competition where small prizes may be won. Competitions can include anything from simple pictures or paintings to creating a junk model out of recyclable materials.


Guess the Number

For a small charge, participants can take a guess the number of sweets in a jar and may win a prize.


Taking part in organised fundraising can really help to encourage positive behaviour in primary schools. Rewards such as personalised certificates can foster a real sense of achievement in children, and is a fantastic way to thanks pupils for their commitment to activities such as fundraising. All in all, fundraising activities within schools can be an incredibly positive thing. Obviously, charities benefit enormously from the money raised, and teachers feel the helpful effects on behaviour too.