The benefits of personalised rewards


There are many benefits of rewarding pupils in the classroom, and even more so when you add a personal touch.

At Brainwaves, we understand that off-the-shelf isn’t always the right option and that children respond really well to something that’s been tailored to them. As a teacher, you can say it exactly how you want with our personalised rewards.
Keeping it personal

We’re proud to offer a range of personalised options, from pencils, certificates and stickers, to trophies. You can add a pupil’s name, school or teacher, or even create a personalised ‘happy message’ on a postcard!

Rewarding pupils with a personalised gift makes a child feel special both at school and when they take it home. It will also encourage them to continue the good work or behaviour that they have been recognised for.

Motivate good behaviour

When pupils are well behaved in the classroom, both the teacher and classmates benefit, as there is more time spent on learning and less on discipline. Being kind to other pupils and keeping to class rules are just some of the positive behaviours that you can encourage through the use of rewards. Have a look at our wonderful range of good behaviour rewards, from colourful stickers to exciting buckets of badges and certificates that can be tailored to each pupil. 

Strive for 100% attendance

We all know it’s important for pupils to attend their classes in order to learn as much as possible. At Brainwaves, we have a great selection of attendance rewards focused on encouraging attendance. But why not go the extra mile and make use of our 100% attendance award certificates, or better still, our personalised trophies are guaranteed to make your pupils feel extra special.
Encourage hard work

When attempting tasks and challenges in the classroom, pupils can often become easily distracted or not always put in their full effort. Personalised rewards such as rulers and pencils with pupils' names can be a great way to give children a sense of pride in their belongings and work in the classroom.


Magnificent ideas

If you have something specific and unique in mind, our team of experienced designers can come up with a creative solution that will make your rewards stand out from the crowd. With our service Brainwaves Create, we can make your ideas come to life quickly and at no extra cost (depending on complexity).

However you decide to personalise your rewards, at Brainwaves, we’re here to help, get in touch to find out how.