Anti-Bullying In Schools


Make your mark and help stop bullies! Bullying is rife in schools wherever you look. Sometimes, bullying seems harmless. The reality, however, is different. The NHS states that bullying causes “loneliness, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, and poor concentration and can lead to self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts and, in some cases, suicide.”


“Every day, they find things they can laugh about”
David, 11, makes it clear: “I really don’t like it when the others team up against me. They make me feel like I am no good. Every day, they find things they can laugh about or they push me around. They kicked my back-pack on the way home and took it away from me. I had to beg to have it back. I just don’t get what’s wrong with me.”

Creativity Offers Children a Great
Way to Express How They Feel.

It is time to move out of this negative cycle. Bullies are often people who have been hurt themselves. The saying: ‘Hurt people hurt people’ applies. It is time to break the cycle by overcoming cruelty with kindness, emptiness with creativity.

Creativity offers children a great way to express how they feel. It can empower them in a simple, positive way, channelling their frustration and turning it into something constructive. “Brainwaves is all about being creative. More so, we are all about finding ways to reward positive attitudes. That is why we have put together a competition which celebrates children’s creativity as well as their own ideas on how to stop bullying.”, Fiona Toft, Director of Brainwaves Rewards.


Motivate your school to participate in anti-bullying week on November 13th-17th 2017. Run your own competition: 'Art Against Bullying' and select 2 children as your school's winners, who can be entered into Brainwaves Anti-Bullying Competition. Whether it is a new school slogan or an anti-bullying logo or artwork showing the children's commitment to stopping bullying.


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