Back to school: get your classroom rewards ready


It’s almost time for back to school, and teachers everywhere are preparing classrooms ready for the return of pupils, old and new. Setting up your classroom is hugely exciting, with lots of fun choices to make and opportunities to create a perfect environment for learning. Here are some rewards picks that will help you put an extra special stamp on your classroom. 

Inspirational walls
There’s no better way to decorate your classroom than with colourful posters, especially ones that’ll motivate and benefit pupils’ well-being.  
At Brainwaves, we understand how important visual learning is so we have a wonderful range of colourful posters that’ll give your pupils that positive push in the right direction. From Growth Mindset posters to help with positive thinking, to Anti-bullying posters, and good hygiene posters.
Another great tool to add to the walls of your already inspiring classroom are reward wall charts, which are ideal for use with mini sticker packs. This is as a fun way of rewarding your pupils’ progress, with space for 30 names.
Those special occasions

There are lots of special events throughout the school year, with obvious ones like Easter and Christmas, as well as more personal events, such as pupils’ birthdays. Be prepared with Christmas gifts and Easter stickers for those extra special times of the year, and these birthday cards and gifts, that are sure to make your pupils feel special and appreciated.

Marking and feedback

Marking pupils’ work can be a lengthy process, especially if you’re new to it. This marking starter kit is packed with 1328 products, including stickers and stampers, which are ideal for making marking more fluent and visual. Our stickers and stampers will also provide encouragement to pupils by showing them what they’re doing well and what they need to work on. 
A big welcome

And… finally, but most importantly, a big welcome! With everything in your classroom in place, it’s time to think about welcoming your pupils to the new academic year. If you’ll be teaching a class that’s brand new to the school, it's beneficial to welcome them with rewards that’ll help make this big step feel less scary. At Brainwaves, we know the importance of putting your pupils at ease, therefore we have designed a range of welcome rewards, from badges and gift packs to rulers and pencils.