Back to school season: is your classroom prepped?


A fresh start


The summer holiday is drawing to a close once again, and with it, the opportunity for a whole new year of learning and fun. This is a really crucial time for children and their education, as the start of the Autumn term sets the tone for the entire year, so it’s important to be prepared.


When preparing your classroom for a new school year, it’s important to think about what will engage your pupils. Personalised rewards are a simple way of rewarding specific students for achievements. This will inspire other pupils to strive for accomplishments, which is especially important at the beginning of a new term.


After the time away, pupils will be relaxed and positive, therefore, more highly receptive to praise and positive reinforcement. Placing our Growth Mindset stickers around the classroom or inside lockers with encouraging phrases such as ‘mistakes help me learn’ can help confidence during the new school year. The same goes for our Growth Mindset bookmarks - an effective way to provide regular boosts of motivation when working on reading. 


Another way to encourage pupils to start the year off right is with our Growth Mindset gift packs. Being welcomed with these gifts are a great way to into promoting the idea that if they believe that they can do better, they can. 


Positive reinforcement for self-worth


Rewarding good behaviour at the start of the year boosts morale before any workload increase. This is more likely to help pupils maintain motivation and keep up concentration levels towards the end of the year, and during the festive period. Our “challenging myself” Growth Mindset certificate is a great way to reward any summer reading challenges, or extended projects they might have participated in. A child that is rewarded for doing well and encouraged both positively and gently when they fail is far more likely to develop good self-worth. This will reflect on their achievement throughout their education and beyond.


A year to remember


Children are all motivated by different things and respond positively to various forms of encouragement. Therefore, a variety of products are essential to ensure your classroom is properly prepped and everyone has the opportunity to start the year off positively. 

For sporty activities, our mixed sports awards are a great way to keep pupils engaged during P.E lessons and events, like sports day. Encouraging healthy competitive behaviour in this way filters into their academic life, too. As well as working to help develop them into well-rounded individuals, the use of sport in education helps to associate learning with fun. After all, there’s no better way to reward pupils’ achievements than with a tangible personalised trophy to remember it by.


Personalised Trophies

We’d love to hear how you plan to get the classroom ready and welcome your pupils back to school with rewards. Don’t forget we’re here to help, so feel free to get in touch.