Help Children Chart Their Progress


Help children chart their progress and overcome their lack of confidence!


Timothy, 9, has two older brothers who both excel at school. Every day, he has to listen to his mother praise them for their hard work and good grades. Every day, he wonders if he can keep up with them and concludes that it is too difficult. He has convinced himself that he is just not good enough. This, of course, plays out in school and he seldom challenges himself to do more than he absolutely has to.


One day, his teacher reaches out to him and praises him for having worked well in his maths team. The next day, she puts a chart up in class and writes his name on the chart with a star. The chart tells the other children that Timothy has gained a team star for working well together. Timothy is super proud and feels ever so competent. This carries over to when he meets his mother after school and tells her about his achievement. He then asks whether there is anything he can work on together with her at home, like baking a cake or cooking dinner.


What seemed a small word of praise and a simple chart made a huge difference!


We all love that feeling of success when we have ticked a box, completed that project at work or conquered those chores at home. Yet, sometimes we face challenges which really test us.  Overcoming them and reaching a goal that seemed insurmountable, is incredibly rewarding.


For children, it is the same. They enjoy knowing that they have completed a project or finished a test, but they, too, will have areas they truly struggle with. Very often, these are in areas of behaviour and overcoming a ‘no-can-do’ mind-set.  Teachers and parents are uniquely positioned to help children like Timothy reach their goals.


It takes true commitment to see children grow, an attitude of encouragement and a little creativity.  


Sticker Charts

Reward charts are a fantastic way to help children track their own progress. It is important that they take responsibility for their own growth. A chart helps them keep an eye on how they are doing as well as boost their confidence among their peers.


Brainwaves offers a wide range of beautiful, themed reward charts for every classroom or home. And, should you not find the design you had hoped for, just contact us, we can design a chart - just right for you and your children.


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