How rewards can promote a healthy lifestyle at school


The classroom is where pupils learn to become independent, grow cognitively and establish social skills. Promoting a healthy lifestyle throughout day-to-day life in the classroom is a positive way to influence pupils’ lives in and out of school, not to mention keeping them as healthy as possible. At Brainwaves, we have a wonderful selection of rewards to help encourage pupils to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
Healthy eaters

We all know the importance of staying healthy, and what we eat has a lot to do with overall health. But it’s especially important that pupils learn this from an early age.

A great way to get pupils to think about what they eat is through activities that promote healthy choices. A simple, yet effective, method is to ask pupils to talk about how certain foods make them feel. For example, does an apple or bowl of chips feel like a better option to them. Which one makes them feel healthy or more energetic?

In order for children to learn about their food, it’s important to allow them to choose their own snacks, with gentle guidance toward the healthier choice. A great way to encourage this is through the use of rewards, such as an award chart tracking their healthy eating success.

Some pupils don’t always eat everything in their lunchbox or on their school dinner plates, especially when it comes to the healthier contents. We have an extensive selection of empty lunchbox stickers, as well as empty plate rewards that are a great incentive to get pupils to eat their lunch and make sure they go home with an empty lunchbox. 
Clocking up steps

Many pupils live within walking distance of their school, and it’s important that those that can take advantage of that, do. Studies have shown that pupils who exercise before school, tend to work better with a higher concentration than pupils who do not. It’s also great for mental health, and encourages social interaction, play and enjoyment, meaning even more reasons to walk to school!

Positive methods to encourage pupils to walk to school, include this reward card, allowing them to collect stickers or stamps each journey, and an interactive wall chart, so they can track their own progress and also see how their friends are doing. Naturally, it’s also important to encourage safety, so it’s good to keep parents informed and make sure pupils know the safe routes, as well as meeting points where friends and parents can meet and walk together as a group. 
Bless you!

Good hygiene both in and out of school is important for pupils to learn from a young age, especially as they’re in closer contact with each other at school, increasing the risk of getting poorly.

A great way to encourage good hygiene is to make it fun and exciting, as children are more likely to take up hygienic habits if they enjoy them. Hand washing is an essential part of good hygiene, especially after using the bathroom, so it’s important to remind pupils to wash their hands, which can be achieved with eye-catching hygiene posters, placed in areas like the bathroom as a gentle but fun reminder. It’s important to teach pupils that in the event of a cold, a tissue is to be used, especially for a runny nose, cough or a surprising sneeze! Rewarding these actions with exciting rewards like hygiene stickers, which is a sure way to encourage this behaviour until it becomes a natural healthy habit.

We’d love to hear how you plan to keep your pupils motivated to maintain healthy habits, and don’t forget we’re here to help, so feel free to get in touch