How Using Certificates Can Boost Pupils’ Self Esteem


Self-esteem is at the heart of how we manage to cope with all that life brings. We all face pressures at work, expectations from family and so on. For younger ones the pressures are often found at school. It is here that educators have a wonderful opportunity to engage with pupils and help them gain the self-confidence they need in class.


“Getting a certificate makes me feel like I am doing really well at school!"


As children grow in their learning, but also in their relationships with those around them, they will require courage and confidence. This confidence is not always easily at hand. Some children can be very shy and unsure of their own abilities. They will often need just that little bit of extra encouragement to participate in class or to join in with others during playtime.


When children receive recognition for their performance, for demonstrating good teamwork or their learning progress, it really does matter. Praise strengthens a child’s self-esteem and, in return, provides the boost he or she needs to show courage and try overcome future challenges.


Personalised Certificates StarsPersonalised Certificates Medal


At Brainwaves, we understand how much it means to children to receive personal praise. We also know that combining verbal praise with a visual or tangible reward multiplies its impact many times over. It is therefore that we have developed our personalised certificate collection. Three of our, and our customers’ favourites are the ‘Star Border’ certificate, the ‘Stars Certificate’ and ‘Personalised logo certificate’.


Certificates are the go-to reward for teachers for all sorts of occasions, make them stand out by personalising them with your own message, school name and logo! Personalised certificates are made to order, printed on high-quality card and are usually despatched the very next day.


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