Make Friends, Not Bullies


Actionwork is a film and theatre company that educates through art forms, empowering both participants and spectators. The theme for their Anti-Bullying Roadshow is ‘creatively dealing with bullying’, which is a sentiment also shared by ourselves.


Creating meaningful rewards to improve children’s behaviour and motivation, is at the heart of what we do. And while schools always have a procedure in place for identifying and dealing with unacceptable behaviour, sometimes good behaviour can go unrecognised. We believe that rewarding good behaviour is every bit as important as stopping bad behaviour, and may even go towards preventing bad behaviour from occurring in the first place.


The National Anti-Bullying Week calls all children, young people, schools, parents and carers to come together and find ways to combat bullying. While this week brings the issue to the foreground, it’s long-term solutions that are on the agenda.


We recognise this need and has a wide product range to help reward good behaviour. For example, a simple well done sticker, certificates or wristbands can be given to highlight positive actions or a reward chart/sticker system can be used to give children something to work towards.


Rewarding pupils for illustrating the right behaviour is a well-grounded way of eliminating negative behaviour. Brainwaves’ anti-bullying badges and wristbands feature slogans such as ‘We make friends, not bullies’ and ‘No bullies here’, which teaches children that bullying is absolutely wrong and promotes a bully-free school. Others include ‘It’s cool to be kind’ and ‘we look after each other’ which installs positive attributes in young people.


Praise and reward systems can also help to establish a positive atmosphere by recognising the good behaviour and effort of pupils and illustrating it to others. Most schools who have experience of these systems say that they help tackle low-level indiscipline and also help pupils with deeper emotional and behavioural problems. However, praise and reward systems should be part of a larger picture, and additional support should always be given to both victims and perpetrators of bullying to combat other root causes.