Motivate pupils to do their homework with rewards


Homework is a vital part of a child's development, even if it’s not always looked forward to! Teachers want nothing more than to inspire pupils beyond the classroom, so how can you motivate them to get their homework done and actually enjoy it? 
Sticking to the chart

While children are learning, it's important to keep things as visual as possible to aid development and reward achievements. That's why our sticker charts and albums are a great way to track a pupil’s progress and reward their best efforts both in and out of the classroom. When pupils hand in completed homework on time, a new sticker on the chart will help make them feel appreciated for doing a good job, and also motivated to earn more stickers. When the sticker chart is full, there should be an extra special reward...
...that extra special reward

Any teacher will understand the excitement that rewards bring to the classroom. At Brainwaves, we have a wonderful selection of personalised trophies for the ultimate recognition. 
What better way to follow up a completed sticker chart, than with a personalised golden star trophy. You’ll have your pupils completing their homework with extra enthusiasm! 
Collect them all 

For pupils who are slightly older, though sticker charts are still likely to bring joy to the classroom, it can be beneficial to introduce merit cards to track homework achievements. Pupils will want to enjoy seeing something tangible to track their progress and collect as many merit cards as they can.
Say it with a certificate

Often, family at home will help with homework, making it a great activity for parents to be involved in their child’s learning process. Celebrating a pupil’s achievements with our homework certificates is a great way to reward completed homework, that can also be taken home and displayed as a reminder to keep up the good work. After all, encouragement from both the classroom and at home can go a long way in a child's educational journey.
A stamp in the right direction

When asking pupils to do their homework, there’s nothing wrong with a gentle nudge in the right direction. We stock a range of stampers for teachers that aren’t just for marking, but for encouraging children to complete their homework.

However you decide to motivate your pupils to complete and hand their homework in on time, visual reminders and showing them when they’ve done a good job can be huge motivators. Let us know what you think in the comments.