The advantages of using rewards in the classroom


When it comes to education, it’s important to captivate pupils and make lasting impressions, helping them pick up new information and hold on to it. Teachers are constantly plotting new ways to create lessons with impact, and at Brainwaves, we create rewards that help you do just that. Here are just some of the advantages of using them.
Good behaviour

Rewards for good behaviour is at the heart of the classroom. Whether pupils have followed the class rules, been kind to others or shown positive behaviour, a reward to say well done will encourage them to continue. Positive behaviour creates a win-win environment - benefiting other pupils, and also allowing teachers to put more focus into the lesson instead of classroom discipline.

At Brainwaves, we offer a range of good behaviour rewards, including a handy Subject Solutions folder packed full of rewards to praise your pupils, including stickers, pencils, wristbands, certificates and more. This pack provides the perfect incentives for children to behave well in all that they do.
Completed homework 

We know that sometimes pupils may need a little nudge of encouragement to do their homework, which is why we supply wonderful homework awards. Our homework certificates are a great way to reward pupils for completed homework and encourage them to keep up the good work. A certificate is also a nice reward to be displayed at home for the whole family to recognise and enjoy.
All around effort

Getting an entire class to give their full attention is no easy feat. Whether all eyes and ears are needed during class projects or to set homework, a rewards system can motivate pupils to show interest and effort in tasks. When a pupil has given their attention and put effort into a task, reward them with a special sticker, certificate or badge, such as our ‘brilliant effort’ pin badge.
Happy pupils 

When pupils succeed in the classroom, understandably they feel happy and accomplished. Rewards are a brilliant way to get pupils to be productive in learning both at school and at home, and you can even go the extra mile with personalisation. We offer fun personalised rewards that are sure to bring a feeling of pride and achievement to each pupil, motivating them to be more productive. 

We’d love to hear how you choose to use rewards in the classroom, and how they’ve benefited your pupils. Let us know on social or in the comments.